The Banting Journey…



Finally broken the 14 kilo stall – now 14.2kg gone. Shoooweee that took a bit of tweaking, but it also took a bit of understanding as to why we stall or hit a plateau. This was explained to me as follows, and it makes sense to me. (I will put it my words according to my understanding.)


You are doing well and lost quite a bit of weight and you are doing happy dances…until…the scale doesn’t move at all. Not up nor down. Stuck. Apparently the cells have been releasing fat, and then they get filled up with water so that the body can better handle the changes. Later it releases the water, when it is ready, so I believe.  Anyway, that little piece of information resonated with me and I stopped worrying. So I went and enjoyed myself last night…


But last night was not entirely Austerity Fortnight food – (actually I am changing it to Fat Furnace Fortnight). Everything eaten last night was Banting legal, although hardly austere.  The girls got together to sow Star Seeds (our intentions) at Dark Moon and everyone brought along something to eat. 3 Banters and 3 non-Banters. Kyra brought along a stunning canapé plate which comprised roast pork medallions topped with cauliflower mash and an olive, neatly held together with a toothpick and set on a bed of organic lettuce. Nini made awesome cauli-broli-zucchini mix cooked with cream, Stel brought lovely organic green beans which we cooked with lashings of butter, I supplied Banting-friendly spicy meatballs and B made the most delicious salad topped with toasted macadamia nuts. Jax’s contribution from her garden was organic raspberries which we served with cream, and there was creamy coffee to follow. As I said, all Green List Legal, just not my intention for the beginning of Fat Furnace Fortnight!


And this morning I had lost 500g overnight! My body let go and must have flushed the cells out! Well, I don’t know if this is what happens, but it is a goooood feeling! :)


So today was really day one of the Fat Furnace Fortnight. And I was good. No coffee, dairy, nuts or even too many vegetables. I feel good.





Crispy Pork Rashers with Tabasco-laced Avocado and Fried Free Range Eggs

During the day I drank green tea flavoured with lemon and fresh mint, water laced with ACV and more filtered water this evening.

Supper today…

Buttered Fillet Medallions with Avocado and Moringa Mash with Heirloom Purple Cherry Tomatoes

I feel full and satisfied.

Love this Banting Journey!…

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