Food for Fabulous Fatties…


The guide to being a HEALTHY Fabulous Fattie is to boost real nutrition. FF need to eat good food, not crap and the only way to be weaned off the crap is to give your body what it really needs, nutrition. Many Fatties are actually starving because they do not give their bodies true nutrition, but empty foods, and so they are always hungry.


The guide to good nutrition is to eat natural foods unsullied by man. Eat, wherever possible, good organic nutritious foods, free range everything, grass-fed animals, mercury free fish, healthy fats, no processed foods, no foods with e-numbers or MSG – in short, real foods, clean foods. The odd packet of crisps, ice cream, or food cooked in a restaurant where they probably use trans-fats and old oil, isn’t going to kill me so I will not be fanatical. And that sugar in the Crème Brûlée?  Hell yes. I’ll eat it!


Health is a huge word. To be healthy is our right, and our choice. People worldwide have been taught to eat a lot of rubbish. Chemical kak. Factory-made food. Sugar by the trillion tonne loads. Seriously, sugar is a poison and the scourge of diabetics and a contributor to many other illnesses, syndromes and degenerative diseases. I urge you to curb the sugar load on your body. I didn’t say give it up, although that wouldn’t be a bad thing, I just don’t want to promote any kind of fanaticism or dieting dilemmas here. I don’t diet. I just eat healthy food, and sometimes a lot of it. My choice.


A really healthy step to take is to learn to drink green drinks and juices. I do the blended salads with Moringa powder. If you haven’t heard of Moringa please Google it. It is a powerhouse of nutrition. I chuck salad ingredients, or left over salad, into a blender with the Moringa and some filtered water, blend well and drink. It doesn’t go brown in the fridge like green juices and is very pleasant to drink. Take a while over it, chewing the drink and really tasting it. I know my body does a happy dance when I take the trouble to make and drink a Green Drink. You can add chia seeds or flaxseeds to enhance the drink even further. I love them both so I alternate. If I use flaxseeds I blend them first before anything else, in order to release their beneficial oils.


Remember, this is not about dieting, this is about health. I do not promote any diet, although I have learned a lot through my years of dieting. I have learned that once I get on the healthy trail, my anxieties recede and calm comes to my being. I know I eat a lot when food is good, but as someone once said, I’d rather get fat on really good chocolate than on rubbish.


I eat any natural food that grows in the ground, on bushes and on trees. Legumes, fruit, seeds, grains, nuts, and all vegetables. I eat meat, poultry, fish, dairy – free range and natural where possible and I make bone broth which I love to drink instead of tea or coffee now and then. There is great nutrition in bone broth and it heals and seals the gut. Google GAPS with Dr Natasha Campbell McBride to find out how her regime has healed children with autism. There is a lot to bone broth that I never knew!


We can choose to be fat and unhealthy or we can choose to be Fabulous Fatties with skin that glows, a sparkle in our eyes and a lust for life! What will it be?


Fabulous Fatties rock!




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