• LAVENDER – pot-pourri, linen, on fires, tea, 1 cup leaves to 500g honey –heat over a double boiler, simmer for ½ hour. Pour into hot jars and seal, storing for a month. Strain and store honey in screw top jars. Excellent for coughs and sore throats.
  • THYME – tea is good for coughs and chills - ¼ cup leaves to one cup boiling water…before bed.
  • GARLIC – garlic butter, garlic oil, fresh garlic for fevers, asthma, rheumatism, arthritis, antiseptic, general tonic and worm deterrent.
  • CHIVES – blood cleansing, tonic effect, helps ward off colds and flu
  • SAGE – digestive aid, nerve tonic, helps memory retention
  • HYPERICUM ( ST. JOHN’S WORT) – infused flowers for a sedative tea to treat anaemia, rheumatism, bad nerves, and headaches.
  • NASTURTIUM – leaves for sore throats…chew one every 2 to 3 hours. Aids digestion, nerves and depression…and fatigue
  • FEVERFEW – general tonic, reduces fever, migraine
  • CATMINT – rich in vit C, tea to relieve colds and fevers
  • MARIGOLD – crushed marigold leaves are used to clear up pimples and is an excellent insect repellent for the whole garden, deters nematodes.
  • MYRTLE –tea relieves psoriasis and sinusitis, Splash on skin to relieve itchiness.
  • ROSEMARY – treat blood pressure irregularities, headaches and heart ailments, relieves physical and mental strain…tea
  • RUE- 1 tsp of leaves to 2 cups of boiling water – strain and drink a small wineglassful 2x day for menstrual pain, heart palpitations, fevers, colic, worms, upset tums, ringworm and convulsions in children
  • SOUTHERNWOOD – one tablespoon of tea twice daily for resistance to infections and after a long illness...tonic
  • TANSY – good for fevers, kidney ailments, digestive complaints, jaundice…
  • WINTER SAVORY – coughs and colds, constipation and flatulence, crushed leaves for wasp stings and insect bites
  • YARROW – fresh pulped leaves on eczema, skin rashes and scratches, brings down fevers and promotes sweating. Also used in the treatment of hypertension and coronary thrombosis.

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