Diets suck

Diet – Replace this Four Letter Word…


I can rave for hours about how happy I am that the word diet no longer belongs in my vocabulary. That doesn’t mean I am going to go crazy and eat rubbish. No, I am going to replace the word DIET with another four letter word – LOVE. Love me, love my body, love my life. So if someone asks me why I no longer DIET, I shall tell them I now LOVE instead.


Be nice to you. Putting good healthy clean food in your body is LOVE. Dressing well for your size is LOVE. Walking tall and proud is LOVE. Getting up in the morning and saying ‘Hello Gorgeous in the Mirror’ is LOVE. Drinking water instead of fizzy drinks is LOVE. Showing the world you are special with a beautiful smile is LOVE. Loving you. When you smile at the world, you are showing them LOVE. Invariably, when you smile at people, they will smile back. No matter your size!


There is a line from a song that says “While you’re helping your brother, your own hurt is gone away”. Imagine if you stopped worrying about your weight and started caring about others what a world this would be! I don’t mean you should go out and volunteer for all sorts of charities, although that works for some, I mean showing kindness to whomever you meet, those you work with, those you live with, your workers, your family and friends. KIND is a great four letter word! When you are kind to others, your true beauty shines through. Most of all, be kind to you. Stop thinking that you are bad, a failure, unlovable because you are fat. You are a Fabulous Fattie! If someone should say derogative things about your body, just tell them you love them too. It may sound a bit sarcastic, so wipe their words away with a loving smile.


Fabulous Fatties LOVE!…


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