Day 3 Fat Furnace Fortnight…



The day started with a bowl of pickings from the beef and venison bone broth.





After that my next meal was an Omelette filled with Bacon and Mushrooms and about 6 cups of black rooibos tea! It was at a restaurant but I did not inquire as to what oil they were using, but it was a filling meal. The bread remained in its cloth covered basket and I resisted the temptation of coffee. It is getting easier now. I must admit that I was sorely tempted to have coffee with cream but my commitment held strong.


I was not that hungry as night arrived, so this is what I made:




Crispy Skins from Chicken Thighs and Heirloom Baby Tomatoes

I do love them skins! The rest of the chicken is packed away in the fridge waiting for tomorrow. A chicken salad sounds good, yes?

Late night (I stayed up way too late as usual) called for a snack and so I had venison salami slices. Just enough and not too much. Now my eyes are rapidly closing and I must away into the arms of Morpheus.

A Beautiful Banting Day …

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