Banting success…


14 kilos gone today. It is a milestone for me and I am going to celebrate by doing 15 minutes of weights so that I can have a higher carb meal afterwards! I am going to make some flapjacks with coconut flour and make a quick jam from raspberries and xylitol. I promise to post the photos on my blog later and on my Banting Babes and Boys Facebook page and also on Instagram.


I have to confess that I am not always a purist Banter. For instance, my breakfast this morning is 3 free range eggs (good) with 2 Woolies pork sausages (not pure and 6 grams a sausage and I am NOT going to do it again as it has GMO – OMG! :) I am going to learn how to make my own pork sausages with my organic herbs and organic pork from Wegraakbosch Dairy here as they have organic everything! I also eat from the orange list on days when I feel it is needed. This morning I had 3 litchis which is 5 carbs. So that means my carbs are standing at 14 right now. I put everything into the nutrition tracker on my SparkPeople page and it tots up everything. Calories 356 for breakfast. I go between 1200 to 1800 calories on most days. I found that when I was doing the Fat Fast to shift a stubborn stall, even with all the fat I did not exceed 1100 calories. Interesting, eh? One just doesn’t get hungry with fat.


There are no photos of me to post yet because I still have a lot to lose and quite frankly, although my hubby and friends can see the progress, it is not that noticeable for me yet, except for the fact that I can lean over in the bath to take the plug out, whereas that was a trifle difficult 3 months ago! I am aiming to have a lap one day, for children and cats :)


There has been some talk lately about people ditching the scales but I beg to differ. When I read The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, Dr Heller recommends getting a digital scale and noting how one’s weight goes up and down on different days. He suggests writing it down every day to note how the body reacts to different foods and also to different times of the month. I have been doing just that and sometimes my weight has gone up or down by at least a kilo in one day. At the end of the week you take the average. Of late my average has been between .4 and .6 kg in a week. That’s good enough for me. Also, on days when I see it has gone up a bit, I work harder the next day to stay within my strictest limits and eat more fat, less protein and nil carbs.


This is a journey of discipline and determination. One cannot relax even for a nano second. I had a sip of hubby’s orange juice the other day and that was it. Even though there was more it did not tempt me again. I remember reading a book some years ago on natural remedies for arthritis and the good doctor suggested we look at forbidden foods and imagined worms crawling out of them! Yuk! It works though :)


There is the idea that you don’t need to count calories, but I think differently again and I certainly count them. It has taught me a lot about foods in general. I also use Carb Cycling as a tool when I am stalled and eat my higher carb meal within an hour as the good doctors Heller suggested in The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet. I have over 20 low carb diet books that I have been studying in order to get the best out of my own personal diet. The Real Meal Revolution (about Banting) is my best book. I use other suggestions from different books to tweak my diet when needed. I see them all as tools to create an optimum lifestyle for myself.


The wonderful thing is that my hubby loves the meals I cook. They are so simple and he loves his protein. We do a main big protein and fat meal first one of the day and find that we nibble on nuts (not so many for me) and biltong (which I weigh out religiously) as a snack mid afternoon and by the evening we are fine with a salad and a little protein. He, lucky chap, has lost 9 kilos in about 7 weeks without trying!


Have a great Banting weekend everyone…



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