Partying with Banting…



It has been an awesome few days and especially yesterday as it was my 65th birthday…and I feel so young! My daughter and son-in-law were here and will be until after Christmas. This is just wonderful because they had not been to the new house and we are all enjoying it so much.


12 people gathered for lunch at a long table on the stoep and pretty much stayed there until 6 pm. What a wonderful bunch of people that I am privileged to call my friends. It was such a happy time.


Food wise, friends brought plates of finger food and I made a butternut soup and Banting cocktail meatballs. One friend had ordered a Banting platter from our local restaurant, The Red Plate, who have a Banting menu as well. Such a treat. Interestingly, as is my usual bent these days, I was not really hungry so had some veggie sticks with an avocado and cream cheese dip and then some meaty snacks like meatballs and chicken wings. The soup was from the orange list so I and my Banting friends ate a very small bowl of that, no bread and filled up on the low carb veggies and meat treats.


As a rule, I drink about two creamy coffees per day, herb teas and green tea occasionally, and about one cup of Earl Grey tea with full cream milk per day. Water is my go to drink of choice. It is filtered and then stored in dark green wine bottles ready to be consumed at will. Lovely stuff! I also keep black filtered coffee in a wine bottle in the fridge just in case it is a hot day and I want an iced coffee.


My party drink is pink sparkling water, which is sparkling mineral water and Angostura Bitters. It looks pretty in a wine glass and then people leave me alone without pressing me to have a drink. I felt so well when I woke up this morning that I have no desire to start drinking again, even when my hubby opened the champagne I briskly said no thank you!


So, the upshot of it all is that I survived a great birthday lunch party without cheating once!


So easy with the Revolution…



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