Banting – Eating Out…


It was a beautiful day in the mountains and it was my sister’s last day with us so we went off to The Red Plate restaurant in Haenertsburg village where they have a Banting menu. What a treat. We sat on the deck under the trees and we Banting girls had a great selection from which to choose. We each chose to have the juicy Banting Burger on a Courgette Fritter. It was topped with bacon, cheese and avocado and served with a few butternut crisps. I didn’t miss the bun at all and the dish was truly filling! I am looking forward to trying all the dishes on the menu. One at a time…


Delicious Banting Burger at the Red Plate Restaurant in Haenertsburg



This next photo is our snack plate from yesterday:



Banting Snack Plate


Salami, prosciutto, cheddar cheese, brie cheese and olives. Very satisfying.


Here’s to a great Banting week. More food trials to come, and a commitment to eat more vegetables!


Viva the Revolution!…


(I am a follower of the Real Meal Revolution written by Tim Noakes et al)




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