Life, Death and Love…


Life, Death and Love…


What a nerve attacking, wracking thing…to sing at the memorial of the youngest son of my dearest friend of many years. He died from injuries sustained in a freak accident when the gas in the kitchen exploded due to a leak. Such a loss of a beautiful life. I shall dust off the cobwebs on my vocal cords and pay homage to his beautiful soul that flies free as we mourn his passing. He has left wonderful memories behind and he lives on in those.


I’m so grateful to know I shall be accompanied by the legendary luthier, Marc Maingard. Rehearsals were made possible courtesy of Skype. Technology. What a thing. My voice is taking it hard though. It’s tightened up from all the years of not singing. Pretty scary how the muscles deteriorate. I’ll be humming a lot in the next two days. Ommmmmmm … Maybe I should chant while I paint. It could have interesting consequences. Visions, dreams, messages from the Spirit World. Oooooooh. Spooky. For some. And yet…


Back to this dimension, this possibly parallel universe. One could go dotty thinking about all things esoteric and trying to figure out quantum anything, while that which is more important is right here, right now. Simple really.


Nothing wrong with sitting dreaming though, nothing wrong with conscious laziness. That’s the time we spend letting creativity lead our thoughts, giving birth to plans and dreams. I’m dreaming of many things. Projects galore. I write copious lists in my line-less journal, shopping lists as well as recipes, random thoughts, sketches for new paintings, drawings for the new horse shelter and shed using green building ideas that have been hanging around in my brain for some years now. Oh bliss! Getting things done is the thing. Ticking off the projects on the list. Some might take a long time to come to fruition, some bring immediate response, while some just move on to the next page, patiently waiting.


Life is awesome, sometimes sad, and at times an ecstatic journey. We just need to take that first step to start the trip to achieve our dreams. And we need to live in the moment and enjoy the ride, speak the language of kindness and love life. It all ends sometime.


Now is all we have and life is to be fiercely lived and passionately loved. Grab it, shake it, dance with it and sing out loud.


Carpe Diem…



Banting – Finding My Own Way…


This has been an interesting week.


Now I do not subscribe totally to anyone’s particular idea of Banting. I use however much I need, wherever it resonates with me and suits my needs, wants and desires. Yep, all those things. Needless to say, my desire is to be healthy above all. Slim is good. Health is my main priority – physically, mentally and emotionally.


Physically means getting good nutrients into this bod, organic where possible and more than that, out of my garden! Being fit and active is important – so that I can get around the streets of Edinburgh and Pittenweem when I visit my sis – and to be able to walk in my little forest with the dogs and to dance with my horses. As I get lighter, all this becomes easier to do. Being healthy and fit enough to live a full active life is my sincere want, need and desire.


Mentally? Hmmmm… Keeping my brain busy is not too difficult. It wants to explore all the time! Discovering and using knowledge is ongoing, continually. Discovering what works best for me as far as food and health is concerned takes up a fair bit of my time as well. Nutrition has long been my interest. Ideas come, get used, get discarded at times and then the chosen principles get added to my lifestyle. All in all I am a healthy fat girl. Now I am on my way to being a healthy slim girl!


Emotional well-being is important so I ask myself what can I do to keep my sometimes rampant emotions happy? What do I like to do? Meditation and Qi Gong for starters. And then, I love to cook. Tastes turn me on. I love to develop recipes out of whatever I have at the time, and sometimes I plan. I certainly think simple is best, but there are times when a bit of luxury and food decadence suits the moment! We are not robots and we like variety. Well I certainly do. To eat the same things every day is not how I like to live. It would be like painting the same picture every day, and now and then get let out for good behaviour to paint something new. Ugh! I am a rainbow being, as are we all. I just like to let all the colours shine! Not just pink!!!

See! That’s the emotional side :)


The last week has been one of those emotional ones and food, of course, has come into play. Rebellion and resistance is part of my nature and sometimes it roars to the forefront of my emotional day. I know I am not alone. There are many of us emotional peeps out there and many of us rely on food to comfort us or to assist in the rebellion of the moment. I am not saying it is right, it just is like this at times. Just is.


We move on.


So what do I do on a regular basis? What I like to do. Drink my lemon water, coconut oil and salt in the morning – I happen to love it – and then I wait until I am hungry. My natural bent, my desire, is to do intermittent fasting, which means I eat anywhere between 10 am and noon, and I eat supper anywhere between 6 and 8 pm. And supper is always small. That feels good to me, and I am the one who knows what works for me. The principles behind intermittent fasting ring very true and my body likes it. I have written about it in previous posts, so do go and have a read. LCHF/Banting/Low Carb is how I choose my food. Sometimes I deviate, but not too often. I like banting. It’s good food.


Recently I relinquished all my outside responsibilities and resigned from committees etc. This is because I have an art exhibition coming up in July, so I have gone into my painting cave for the next four months. However, I am also writing my little Banting Recipe Book to release at our Silver Mist Holistic and Health Fair on 11 and 12 July 2015 here in Haenertsburg. Go to the facebook page to check out what’s coming.



Recent Banting Food Photos


Shirataki Noodles with Basil & Moringa Pesto

Shirataki Noodles with Bacon & Cream Sauce

Banting Snack: Celery with Whipped Cream & Blue Cheese


Until the next post – keep smiling and do the healthy thing…


Rockin’ on – Following the Real Meal Revolution











Real Foods for Spike Day…




Spike Day Foods – Replica Foods!


Now my thinking is to get away from the original baddies like pizza and pasta, muffins and focaccia, chocolate mousse and panna cotta, not to mention crème brulee, with their inflammatory ingredients. Yes I believe in getting back to basics and clean eating, simple foods, and I totally concur with the idea of a Spike Day (Re-set Metabolism Day!) or a Reward Meal or Carb Cycling, however you want to do it that suits. However, I do not subscribe to the idea of eating previously dis-empowering food just because I can…I do the 90% chocolate thing and will not go back to Cadbury’s Whole Nut. No sir. After all, I am in the business of re-training my whole system to do without glucose and rather to use my stored fat for fuel.


So, back to Spike Day Foods.  Spike Day is not for calorie or carb counting, it is there to be thoroughly enjoyed with no guilt! This is the day for me to have fun with food!!


This is the first time my sis and I have been successful at losing weight together and it is very exciting!  We love to cook and entertain. It’s in our blood, our genes…it is a passion. (That and a host of other things!) Cooking is our creative therapy in a way. It’s also our way of putting up with/knuckling down to/readjusting to our chosen lifestyle – LCHF/Banting/Ketogenic/Lowcarb. For Life!


Spike Day for me is to be used for recipe trials with all sorts of wonderful Banting-friendly ingredients. Spike Day for me is for delicious but legal Banting Foods. I work very hard during the week to keep my carbs low and my food really simple so why would I want to jeopardise my progress? Up the carbs and calories, yes! But not empty calories. I might just want more! Scary but true…


Austerity is one thing, but the Greeks showed us it’s not for everyone! I can happily be austere and rigid in my food intake for 6 days. Hey! Even take it below 20 or 10 grams! But then on the seventh day I wanna party!


Each week we will try out one Spike Day recipe each. A Dish to Delight. A Banting Pizza Pizzazz! Or muffins, or pasta, crackers and breads, puddings and cakes. You get the idea?  I need to try out the substitutes for some of the foods I love and miss the most. Scones, muffins, crackers and cheese, cheesecake and ice cream. As I need to wait for Spike Day to have those, I strongly believe that I should stay within Banting ingredient guidelines – and not indulge in the foods on the Red List. There are stunning low carb recipes for most if not all of my favourite foods, Banting-legal style! Replica foods. With my experiments I will make my Foodie Muse very happy:)


So here we go with our first Spike Day Delight! Coconut Pancakes. So good you don’t even need to put butter on them. You could also make a fresh berry jam to slather on them if you like…all Banting–legal! Here I have used macadamia nut butter and cream.


Coconut Pancakes with Macadamia Nut Butter Cream

Flavoured with Cinnamon, Unsweetened Cocoa and Xylitol





2 XL Eggs, beaten

1 to 2 tsp Xylitol or Stevia to taste (I used 1 heaped tsp Xylitol)

Pinch Himalayan (Pink) or Celtic Salt

½ tsp Vanilla Essence

3 to 4 Tbs Coconut Flour (I adjusted this and put in about 6 Tbs to get the thickness I like)

½ Cup Coconut Milk (I use the thick part at the top)

¼ tsp Baking Powder (I eventually put in ½ tsp)

Combine coconut flour and baking powder in a bowl

Mix all the other ingredients in another bowl

Put the two together and mix to form a smooth batter.

Allow it to sit for about 10 minutes and then stir again.


Now you are ready to start frying up those babies!


Brush a frying pan, skillet or griddle with about a tablespoon of oil, preferably coconut oil.


Pour or spoon the batter into the hot pan, making pancakes about 6 cm diameter. Actually, make ‘em any size you want! I have even made one big one in a pan on its own. Yum! They are fragile, so turn them gently once the underside is golden brown. Make sure the pan is always well greased so they don’t stick.


Macadamia Nut Butter Cream (serves 1)

1 heaped teaspoon Macadamia Nut Butter

2 Tbs Fresh Cream

Stir the two together until well combined

Add Cinnamon, unsweetened Cocoa and Xylitol to taste


Fill the pancake with Macadamia Nut Butter Cream, leaving a spoonful for the top. Roll up pancake and spoon the Macadamia Cream over the top. Pour a little fresh cream over and sprinkle with Cinnamon Sugar made with Xylitol and cinnamon.


I challenge you not to eat one until they are all cooked…



Let’s get Cooking with The Revolution!

(The Real Meal Revolution by Prof Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, Jonno Proudfoot and David Grier)



Two Banting Meals…



Dogs and horses wake me up early and these days I have been eating breakfast a little earlier than my norm (which is anywhere between 10 and noon). The day started with lemon juice, salt and coconut oil in hot water, sipped on the stoep gazing at all the green around me and flowers burgeoning everywhere. Even the bees were up early and already collecting their gatherings for the hive. The dew was cool beneath my bare feet, such a refreshing feeling.


About three hours later I thought about eating. This was around 8 am. So this is what I concocted…



Turmeric-Spiced Egg Scramble with Coconut Kissed Thai-flavoured Chicken

This was a different take on breakfast. Well, it is the most important meal of the day and who said we had to have bacon with our eggs every day? There was left over cooked chicken in the fridge and I had run out of bacon, so creativity was necessary. The Thai green curry paste was an awesome addition with the coconut cream. I stir-fried two spring onions with the chicken and then added the paste and coconut cream. Truly good tasting!

Pork Medallions in a Creamy Mustard Sauce with Cabbage and Avocado Salad

Dressed with Olive Oil and Verjuice

This was a late lunch dish with a friend. The look on his face was so rewarding :) And there was not a starch in sight! Shows you that even non-Banters like Banting food! Two more non-Banters are coming for dinner tomorrow night, so I am already planning and scheming…

Keeping up with the Revolution…

(The Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, Jonno Proudfoot and David Grier)






The Banting Journey…



Finally broken the 14 kilo stall – now 14.2kg gone. Shoooweee that took a bit of tweaking, but it also took a bit of understanding as to why we stall or hit a plateau. This was explained to me as follows, and it makes sense to me. (I will put it my words according to my understanding.)


You are doing well and lost quite a bit of weight and you are doing happy dances…until…the scale doesn’t move at all. Not up nor down. Stuck. Apparently the cells have been releasing fat, and then they get filled up with water so that the body can better handle the changes. Later it releases the water, when it is ready, so I believe.  Anyway, that little piece of information resonated with me and I stopped worrying. So I went and enjoyed myself last night…


But last night was not entirely Austerity Fortnight food – (actually I am changing it to Fat Furnace Fortnight). Everything eaten last night was Banting legal, although hardly austere.  The girls got together to sow Star Seeds (our intentions) at Dark Moon and everyone brought along something to eat. 3 Banters and 3 non-Banters. Kyra brought along a stunning canapé plate which comprised roast pork medallions topped with cauliflower mash and an olive, neatly held together with a toothpick and set on a bed of organic lettuce. Nini made awesome cauli-broli-zucchini mix cooked with cream, Stel brought lovely organic green beans which we cooked with lashings of butter, I supplied Banting-friendly spicy meatballs and B made the most delicious salad topped with toasted macadamia nuts. Jax’s contribution from her garden was organic raspberries which we served with cream, and there was creamy coffee to follow. As I said, all Green List Legal, just not my intention for the beginning of Fat Furnace Fortnight!


And this morning I had lost 500g overnight! My body let go and must have flushed the cells out! Well, I don’t know if this is what happens, but it is a goooood feeling! :)


So today was really day one of the Fat Furnace Fortnight. And I was good. No coffee, dairy, nuts or even too many vegetables. I feel good.





Crispy Pork Rashers with Tabasco-laced Avocado and Fried Free Range Eggs

During the day I drank green tea flavoured with lemon and fresh mint, water laced with ACV and more filtered water this evening.

Supper today…

Buttered Fillet Medallions with Avocado and Moringa Mash with Heirloom Purple Cherry Tomatoes

I feel full and satisfied.

Love this Banting Journey!…

Banting and Spike Day…


As I wrote recently, I use my slow cooker to cook my favourite Bone Broth. To some it sounds revolting and some think marrow bones are disgusting, but do I care? NO! Cos bone broth is probably one of the best foods you can eat. If you read Charles Lubbe’s writings on his group The Big Breakfast Banting Debate, he says bone broth has loads of glutamine and can help to reduce gout, so one more good reason to have bone broth!


Another good reason to make bone broth is that when you cool it, the fat rises to the top and you can scoop it off and use it for cooking. There’s a good budget beating tip. What a saving. No need to buy bottles of processed oils. Leave some fat in the bone broth, it’s good food. Just think of how cheaply we can eat if we eat clean food. If we downsize our portions of protein to around a gram per kilo of body weight, and if you are lucky enough to grow your own green vegetables as I do, this Banting way of life can be a very affordable way to live. Of course, if you start baking and buying expensive nut flours it will cost you plenty. I have a bag of coconut flour and I use it only once every week or two for pancakes or flapjacks with homemade berry jam made with xylitol.


That’s what I had on my Spike Day. This is a concept encouraged by Charles Lubbe who hosts the Big Banting Breakfast Debate Facebook page. It is not unlike the Reward Meal concept in the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet. The difference is in the timing of the Reward Meal which is eaten within one hour, and on the other side, Spike Day is eat whatever you please, followed by a semi-fast day, very low carb. I see that as a Fat Fast day.


I thought I might abuse Spike Day, you know, ice-cream, chocolate, red wine…that sort of thing. Good sense and some Banting wisdom kicked in, fortunately. I found myself making coconut flour flapjacks and fresh raspberry jam made with xylitol, served with thick cream. One block of 85% cocoa chocolate made its way to my mouth in the early evening and dinner was creamed broccoli soup with venison and beef mince to keep up the protein and keep the insulin calm.


I don’t normally snack too much in the afternoon, well not since I have been eating a sizeable breakfast, making sure that I eat to satiety, (thank you Charles for that lesson) but on Spike Day I eased up on the rules and had a whole avo for breakfast and nothing else. Later I had Greek yogurt with about 9 frozen strawberries. Later still I had 3 tablespoons of yogurt and about 3 teaspoons of my fresh low carb raspberry jam. Two helpings of the soup filled me up but it was Spike Day after all, so I made those flapjacks and had three, followed by a filter coffee. I choose foods from the Green and Orange lists for Spike Day as I am too nervous to eat from the Red list in case I get carried away! (The lists are from The Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes et al.)


The binge I had over New Year resulted in a weight gain of two kilos, but 12 days later I am down those two kilos and feeling good. Back on the road to healthy and gorgeous!


Banting keeps on ROCKING!!!


PS My cholesterol is coming down. Was 8.8 before Christmas and was 6.6 this morning :)



Banting success…


14 kilos gone today. It is a milestone for me and I am going to celebrate by doing 15 minutes of weights so that I can have a higher carb meal afterwards! I am going to make some flapjacks with coconut flour and make a quick jam from raspberries and xylitol. I promise to post the photos on my blog later and on my Banting Babes and Boys Facebook page and also on Instagram.


I have to confess that I am not always a purist Banter. For instance, my breakfast this morning is 3 free range eggs (good) with 2 Woolies pork sausages (not pure and 6 grams a sausage and I am NOT going to do it again as it has GMO – OMG! :) I am going to learn how to make my own pork sausages with my organic herbs and organic pork from Wegraakbosch Dairy here as they have organic everything! I also eat from the orange list on days when I feel it is needed. This morning I had 3 litchis which is 5 carbs. So that means my carbs are standing at 14 right now. I put everything into the nutrition tracker on my SparkPeople page and it tots up everything. Calories 356 for breakfast. I go between 1200 to 1800 calories on most days. I found that when I was doing the Fat Fast to shift a stubborn stall, even with all the fat I did not exceed 1100 calories. Interesting, eh? One just doesn’t get hungry with fat.


There are no photos of me to post yet because I still have a lot to lose and quite frankly, although my hubby and friends can see the progress, it is not that noticeable for me yet, except for the fact that I can lean over in the bath to take the plug out, whereas that was a trifle difficult 3 months ago! I am aiming to have a lap one day, for children and cats :)


There has been some talk lately about people ditching the scales but I beg to differ. When I read The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, Dr Heller recommends getting a digital scale and noting how one’s weight goes up and down on different days. He suggests writing it down every day to note how the body reacts to different foods and also to different times of the month. I have been doing just that and sometimes my weight has gone up or down by at least a kilo in one day. At the end of the week you take the average. Of late my average has been between .4 and .6 kg in a week. That’s good enough for me. Also, on days when I see it has gone up a bit, I work harder the next day to stay within my strictest limits and eat more fat, less protein and nil carbs.


This is a journey of discipline and determination. One cannot relax even for a nano second. I had a sip of hubby’s orange juice the other day and that was it. Even though there was more it did not tempt me again. I remember reading a book some years ago on natural remedies for arthritis and the good doctor suggested we look at forbidden foods and imagined worms crawling out of them! Yuk! It works though :)


There is the idea that you don’t need to count calories, but I think differently again and I certainly count them. It has taught me a lot about foods in general. I also use Carb Cycling as a tool when I am stalled and eat my higher carb meal within an hour as the good doctors Heller suggested in The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet. I have over 20 low carb diet books that I have been studying in order to get the best out of my own personal diet. The Real Meal Revolution (about Banting) is my best book. I use other suggestions from different books to tweak my diet when needed. I see them all as tools to create an optimum lifestyle for myself.


The wonderful thing is that my hubby loves the meals I cook. They are so simple and he loves his protein. We do a main big protein and fat meal first one of the day and find that we nibble on nuts (not so many for me) and biltong (which I weigh out religiously) as a snack mid afternoon and by the evening we are fine with a salad and a little protein. He, lucky chap, has lost 9 kilos in about 7 weeks without trying!


Have a great Banting weekend everyone…



Reward Meals, do they work?…


Mine has been a long journey with diets, weight loss, weight gain and more diets and I have finally found something I can really live with, and it came about after much research, trial and error, experimentation, failures and now success. Here I am, steadily losing weight at a reasonable pace. MOD – My Own Diet. I knew I would find it one day, and it totally appeals to me every single day. Everything I have read and experienced about healthy foods and different low carb diets, everything that has resonated with me has been included in my diet. Not all at once of course.


I have lost and found so many kilos on low carb because I could never stick to any one regime absolutely and there were always a whole new slew of special low carb recipes to learn when all I wanted was to eat some of my favourite dishes from a “normal” life (like real mashed potatoes instead of faux potatoes made with cauliflower!). So I would stop the diet and go back to my favourites, and that would cause more and more cravings and I would put on some serious kilos all over again.


My Own Diet involves a few basic ideas that work for me. First is intermittent fasting, and that is not every day mind you, probably most of the week with perhaps a day or two of Reward Meal breakfasts or brunches and lunches with friends. (Read about intermittent fasting in an earlier post on this blog.) The one thing that supports intermittent fasting and makes it possible is fat in the diet. That is the secret weapon – appetite suppressing fat. As I write, the spinach and garlic is cooking in coconut oil waiting for the cheese and eggs. It will be followed by Earl Grey tea with a touch of cream. This first meal is eaten close to 12 noon.


This meal will hold me until 3 or 4 pm when I will have some biltong (beef jerky) or a piece of roast chicken (with the skin). Or, if I am really feeling in the mood, I may make some almond flour pancakes. Often I am not that hungry, especially if I have eaten a protein and fat snack. Another good reason for having my first meal at around 12 noon is because of the Ayurvedic premise that the digestive fire, agni, is at its strongest. The evening meal is usually eaten between 6 and 7 and if I should feel at all peckish later, which is not often, a little more biltong does it.


My eating lifestyle is now never boring and I don’t feel deprived in the slightest. My first drink of the day is usually lemon juice and warm water with a touch of salt and later in the morning I have my favourite freshly ground mocha java with a little cream. Sometimes it is followed with a black coffee, and always throughout the day, water.  The first meal is anything done Banting style from the Real Meal Revolution, as well as Atkins and general low carb meals learned along the way. Through the years I have collected many a low carb recipe and I have no less than a zillion low carb books…OK, maybe 15 or so. And then there is my collection of other cookbooks which include many recipes that can be converted to low carb cooking, or eaten at the reward meal.


Low Carb Cookbooks Galore!


I am so excited. Why? Well, since one of my top passions is reading cookbooks, cooking and entertaining my friends and family with really yummy food, I can do so with whatever food I please within my reward meal hour, with no guilt. My husband is easy to please as long as I don’t give him too many vegetables. Meat and salad have become his way of eating of late and now he rarely eats bread and he has never been a great fan of rice either. It is easy living with him on this lifestyle. Of course I do try to hide an extra vegetable or two in somewhere, like in a soup.


For further explanation as regards my excitement, it is all about the best meal of the day for me. The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet Reward Meal is the reason I think so many lose weight on that regime, and it would appear that 80% keep it off. What I have discovered is certainly exciting for me. If I eat a reward meal and do not go crazy with refined carbs, I continue to lose weight, 0.1 to 0.3 kg in a day. The ratio of the reward meal is protein, low carbs and starches in thirds. (Rule of thirds? :) Of course it doesn’t always work out like that, and that’s OK too. Yesterday, when out shopping, I had a reward meal lunch and that was a scone with jam, cheese and cream and some filter coffee with cream, (no thirds here) but then I kept the rest of the day’s food really low carb and quantities minimal as well. This morning the scale was .3 kg kinder to me.


So far I have lost 10.5 kg in seven and a half weeks which is extremely cool. The weight loss got stuck on 9 kilos for a while and then I started enjoying Reward Meals. The next 1.5 kilos loss happened in the course of this week while enjoying a daily hour of food and wine that I love. Needless to say, I choose fairly healthy reward meals and that is because I like the concept of alkaline food, vegetarian food now and then, but mostly I likw real food. Meat from animals that are reared ethically, raised and killed humanely, and natural food grown organically for my table. Of course it isn’t always perfect. Yesterday I looked at the mince from free range beef and it had in it fillers, unnamed vegetable oil, preservatives and soya that no-one can guarantee is not GMO. Why would one want to do that to healthy free range meat?


It may not always be easy to keep to a low carb lifestyle, but the reward meal has made it so much more alluring and do-able for me. It is eaten in the space of an hour so that the insulin release stays manageable. At least that is how I interpret it. Since I am pre-diabetic this is truly good news.


So what is my reward meal for today? A large green salad with a few baby tomatoes, strips of yellow pepper, shredded red cabbage and freshly picked snow peas with some feta cheese and a few raisins. This is dressed with extra virgin olive oil and verjuice. With this a free range medium rare rump steak served with a grainy mustard cream sauce. With that I will have one or two glasses of good red wine. As I have said before, this is eaten within an hour. An hour of food bliss.


That was bliss, even though I made the mistake of munching on some salad ingredients and salami before actually sitting down to dinner. The result is that I did not have time to finish the steak, the salad nor the second glass of wine. I stopped on the hour, determined to keep to the rule, but it taught me to hold back while cooking and wait to sit down when the entire meal is ready and then really enjoy the hour.


All that I have tried, learned, failed, tried again, all this has brought me to this point and now I really am excited!


Tonight’s Reward Meal

Steak and Salad with Creamy Mustard Sauce


Reward Meals Rock!!!…




Banting Breakfast Pizza in a Pan…


Oh such a good one! My sister and I really enjoyed this.
Heat some coconut oil in a pan. Put cooked mince at the bottom and pat it down with a spoon or spatula. I used leftover mince from the moussaka.  Then add some grated white cheddar cheese (you can use mozzarella) and pressed garlic, cook for a while to help the bottom become crusty. Make depressions in the mince with the back of a spoon and break the eggs into them. Put a lid on the pan and cook until the eggs are done the way you like them. Cut the ‘pizza’ into slices and serve.
Photo: Banting Breakfast Pizza in a Pan  Oh such a good one! Heat some coconut oil in a pan. Put cooked mince at the bottom and pat it down with a spoon or spatula. Then some grated white cheddar and pressed garlic, cook for a while to help the bottom become crusty. Make depressions in the mince with the back of a spoon and break the eggs into them. Put a lid on the pan and cook until the eggs are done the way you like them.  #realmealrevolution #bantingbabesandboys #banting #recipes #grainfree #eatthefat #Lowcarb #yumlowcarb #lchf #keto #ketogenicdiet #timnoakes #atkinsdiet #highfatlowcarb #sugarfree
The mists have pulled in over the top of my mountain and the garden is shrouded in a veil. Beautiful. Suddenly the cold is back but it is a welcome relief from the recent heat. Tonight will be a Banting Soup made with the bone broth that is simmering in the crockpot. I aim to try out Oopsies, which are basically the old Atkins rolls. So watch this space.
Enjoy the day
Flying with the Revolution…
I am guided by the lifestyle as set out in…
The Real Meal Revolution
by Prof Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, Jonno Proudfoot and David Grier


Banting – Dear Prof…


My Banting journey contains letters to the Prof… Prof Tim Noakes. He doesn’t know that he is my mentor…I just find it easy to let my thoughts flow when I think of writing a casual report for his perusal. Needless to say, I am happy to share it with everyone who might be travelling this same road on The Real Meal Revolution. Bring it on…


Dear Prof


I woke this morning with a glorious feeling of pure power. Last night was a good food and friends evening and I went home to bed before ten and was in bed before midnight. Water with bitters was my only drink (I think I drank three litres!) and all the time I was thinking smugly that this good stuff was helping to flush out toxins and I wasn’t going to feel any pain in the morning.


I am aware that too much bubbly water isn’t all that clever because it apparently washes out potassium so I am happy to drink plain filtered water with bitters or without. It’s just that when your drink has a little colour, no-one bothers to try and ply you with alcohol, and because bitters does contain alcohol, I can raise my wine glass of water with impunity to share a toast.


A thought I had this morning (I woke before 6 and was truly awake) was that I had definitely crossed the threshold of hunger into a calmer body state. Not a craving in sight. Anyway, the thought of ordinary bread scares me into Banting submission!


About bread: I feel on one hand enthusiastic about doing low carb bread trials, and on the other a trifle anxious. The reason is merely that I might just eat the whole loaf and not just a slice or two. My inner voice says get the carbs from vegetables. Actually, it screams, that inner voice. Nutrition is the key!


Now I don’t know about anyone else, but getting my vegetables in is not always easy. I like them, but sometimes it is a mission. Steaming is the answer. I am tempted to get an electric steamer but have the bamboo baskets which work just as well in the wok on gas. After steaming and refreshing the vegetables, it is easy to roll them in a pan with coconut oil or butter, or just add butter, sea salt and black pepper and enjoy.


Stir-frying is another favourite. So easy. Coconut oil or ghee are my favoured oils and when I have saturated animal fat at hand (yes, freaky thought – gotta change the thinking) I will use that. (Lamb fat for the scrambled green eggs turned out to be extremely yummy.)


This morning’s breakfast. Decadent and delicious.

Strawberries in Xylitol Sweetened Cream


So you see dear Prof, it is going well here today.


Roll on the Revolution…


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